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Berry Cherry Fruity Mix

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Enjoy a burst of sweetness and tangy flavours with our delightful mix full of berries and fruits, perfect for snacking and baking.

Ingredients: Dried White Mulberries, Dried Pitted Sour Cherries, Dried Cranberries, Green Raisins, Preservative (E220). Contains sulphites.


  • Aids Digestion - Raisin is a good source of soluble fiber and contains tartaric acid which improves intestinal function.
  • Prevent Urinary Tract Infections - Cranberries contain compounds known as proanthocyanins which have natural antibacterial benefits
  • Improves Skin Health - Apricot has vitamin E and C which helps protect skin cells from ultraviolet radiation, reduce signs of early wrinkles and improve skin elasticity
  • Improves Cognitive Health - White Mulberries contain high levels of flavonoids which may hold major benefits of long-term brain health, including a reduced likelihood of experiencing cognitive decline