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Protein Heart Mix

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The crimson jewels - dried cranberries, offer a delightful tartness and a burst of fruity flavour, perfectly balancing the nuttiness of the other ingredients.

IngredientsMacadamia, Pine Nuts, Green Melon Seeds, Almonds, Dried cranberries


  • Helps with Weight Management - Almonds are rich in protein and fiber that fills you up faster and keep you satiated for a longer time
  • Helps prevent urinary tract infections - Cranberries contain compounds known as proanthocyanins which have natural antibacterial benefits
  • Lowers Risk of Cardiovascular Disease - Macadamias help to decrease risk factors for cardiovascular disease by reducing cholesterol levels and helping with inflammation and oxidative stress, which causes damage to cells.
  • Promotes glowy and younger looking skin - Green melon seeds contain unsaturated fatty acids help to maintain the natural glow of the skin and antioxidants present slow down the skin aging
  • Improves Brain Health - The omega-3 fatty acids found in pine nuts can help build and repair cells in the brain.